1 oz Soviet Union USSR Silver Poured Bar

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Soviet Union USSR Hand Poured Silver 1 oz Bar

Authentic and unique item with collector and bullion value.

Open item is pictured for reference- You will receive a fully-wrapped 1 oz silver bar with wax seal.

Front of Bar:

  • Hammer and Sickle in a star which is the USSR former soviet union emblem. 
  • * CTA3 * this is short for a phrase in Russia which translated from Russian to English is Stalin's Factory. 
  • On the front is a little star that has CCCP in Russian which means USSR in English and is a mark to identify quality. 

Back of Bar:

  • "----- ------ CCP" which translated from Russian to English means Pure Silver USSR. 
  • 31,1 r which means 31.1g (that is 1 troy oz). 
  • 999 with a star and a Russian letter "?" this is the district code which represents that the bar was assayed in Tallinn, Estonia which was part of the USSR.

Weight: 31.1G (1 troy oz)
Size: 20mm x 30mm x5mm (0.79In x 1.18In x 0.20In)

Material: 999 Pure Silver, Bar was Antiqued / Blued when they were made

This listing uses "Reference Images"
The "Reference Images" used in this listing description were utilized by Vault Bullion and Coin for reference only to depict the comparable quality of the item you will receive.  You will NOT receive the exact item, with the same certificate number, that was used for our Reference Images.  However, the actual item you will receive is guaranteed to be similar to that shown and exactly as described.

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